NEW JulyPlayer 2.0

What's JulyPlayer?

JulyPlayer is a powerful movie player for mobile phones.

Currently Julyplayer supports symbian 3rd and symbian 5th platform, it can play

a wide range of video format. providing first class video and sound joy for you.

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Main features

  1. 1providing both file manager and video manager with friendly UI
  2. 2support webm, avi, mp4, 3gp, mp3, flv, asf....
  3. 3support srt subtitle encoded with unicode or utf-8
  4. 4rotate, zoom, scale of video with easy key access

Purchase JulyPlayer(14.99$)

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New features on plan

  1. we are trying to make julyplayer capable of playing almost every video format you can have on your phone, rmvb is on our schedule...

  2. we know srt subtitle is far from satisfied to our users, a wide range of subtitle formats are coming soon...

  3. our last big recent plan is supporting network stream videos, youtube client will be an added plugin to julyplayer, aslo other famous video sites you can name...

User Feedback

“Fascinating software!! Very useful and

powerful! Love it, coooool!


“ It supports so many video formats! Always

been looking for such software!!!



  1. faq

    Is JulyPlayer free to use?

    No, JulyPlayer is a paid product. However, the pricing is highly accessible, starting from just $14.99

  2. faq

    Is there a feature for adjusting video playback speed in JulyPlayer?

    Yes, JulyPlayer offers the option to adjust the playback speed, allowing users to watch videos at their preferred pace, whether they want to slow down or speed up the playback.

  3. faq

    How does JulyPlayer handle audio playback?

    JulyPlayer offers advanced audio playback features, including support for various audio formats, customizable equalizer settings, and the ability to play audio in the background while using other apps.

  4. faq

    What platforms does JulyPlayer support?

    JulyPlayer is primarily designed for mobile phones and is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

  5. faq

    How frequently is JulyPlayer updated?

    JulyPlayer is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest mobile devices, operating system versions, and to introduce new features and enhancements based on user feedback. Users are encouraged to keep their app updated to access the latest improvements via our contact page.

  6. faq

    Who is behind JulyPlayer?

    JulySoft was founded by Shane Webber, in California, United States. The product code foundation was built usingVLCopen source. Over the years, JulyPlayer received funding support from different companies and individuals, includingLenosTube, and development support from communities such asGitHub.

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